World-class Data centers With Premium Connectivity.
22 locations in 4 continents host our 100% uptime global clouds. Deploy today!

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World's fastest unmanaged cloud servers

Experience highly cloud server on the world's fastest managed hosting platform.
Combining a decade of experience with cloud software with enterprise-grade platform architecture to provide unrivalled performance and 100% uptime in 22 locations worldwide.

Create fast server instances and use our powerful interface and tools to get the most out of your cloud servers.
Test server up to 72h with minimal resources
Features include private networking, secure firewall, scheduled backups and template creation.

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    • CPU 2 Xeon cores
    • RAM 2048 MB
    • SSD 30 GB
    • IP Addresses 1
    • Backup 50gb
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    Why IPRS Cloud server

    If you are looking premium quality hosting package for your website, you are right place!
    We offer outstanding user friendly Cloud servers for all!
    HPE Blades, Intel CPUs, Cisco Networking
    Fast Enterprise-Grade SSD Storage
    10+ Years Experience

    cloud hosting Global availability

    With a more of 21 locations across Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, get the same top-tier service no matter where you choose to deploy.

    cloud server Reliable billing

    Never get hit with an unexpected bill again! Select your specification, and enjoy the flexibility to upgrade/downgrade mid-term at no penalty. No hidden fees, ever.

    cloud dedicated 100% uptime guarantee

    Uptime all the time, guaranteed. With real-time status updates and monitoring alerts available via our dedicated statuspage, never worry about costly downtime again.

    hosting Easy to use control panel

    Powerful and intuitive interfaces and tools at your disposal. One-click deployment, firewall, backup, and private network features as standard, no expert required!

    cloud zi 5 24/7 support

    Comprehensive, friendly, 24/7 support as standard. With OnApp certified admins on hand, and a decade of experience in enterprise cloud, we're always here for you

    cloud zi 6 Enterprise architecture

    Built from the ground up to be fully-redundant. We use Intel CPUs, Cisco networking, Enterprise-grade SSD arrays and off-cloud backup storage to provide a best-in-class cloud.